Our Clients

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3ES.Partners Pte Ltd, Singapore
ABCMaritime SA, Switzerland
Abraxas AG, Switzerland
Amgen Inc, Singapore/USA
Belimed AG, Switzerland
Brauerei Locher AG, Switzerland
Bravado Inc, Canada
BUCHI Labrotecknik AG, Switzerland
Buerckert Group, Germany
Burckhardt Compression AG, Switzerland
Crealogix AG, Switzerland
CTC Analytics AG, Switzerland
Davos Life Science Pte Ltd, Singapore
Dorma-Kaba AG, Switzerland

EMS Chemie AG, Switzerland
Faeth GmbH, Germany
gateB AG, Switzerland
Glutz AG, Switzerland
Hawa Sliding Solutions AG, Switzerland
Huber’s Butchery, Singapore
IMT AG, Switzerland
Investment Navigator AG, Switzerland
Max Bertschinger AG, Switzerland
Medela AG, Switzerland
Mineralquellen Eptingen, Switzerland
Netguardians SA, Switzerland
Pacovis AG, Switzerland
Planitswss AG, Switzerland

Profidata AG, Switzerland
Qiagen AG, Switzerland
Rohrer AG, Switzerland
Rotronic AG, Switzerland
Schellenberg Wittmer, Switzerland
Securiton AG, Switzerland
SHL Swiss Hotel School Lucerne, Switzerland
Siemens Building Technologies Group, Switzerland
Sultex AG, Switzerland
Tecan AG, Switzerland
Techno Design, Singapore
V-Zug Group, Switzerland
Vyaire Inc, USA
Zurich Airport AG, Switzerland


Establish regional ship management broking office

Fasico was mandated by ABC Martime to set up a regional office for its ship management...

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Set-up of regional office including R&D unit and procurement

Beyond setting up a regional office and technical support centre in Singapore, Fasico worked with QIAGEN...

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Set-up of regional sales office

Another comprehensive assignment for Fasico where we helped CREALOGIX set up a regional office in Singapore. Fas...

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Set-up sales, service and support companies in Singapore and Malaysia

As part of this project Fasico helped BUCHI replace existing agents in Singapore and Malaysia with...

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Establish Asia Pacific regional office

Fasico worked with Medela AG to establish the Asia Pacific regional office in Singapore. This project...

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Opening regional service centre in Singapore

Fasico worked with Burckhardt over the course of one year to establish a regional service centre...

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